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Sphinx Decorative Pot Feet, Set of 3 or Set of 4 Planter Risers

Sphinx Decorative Pot Feet, Set of 3 or Set of 4 Planter Risers

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The classic shape of the Sphinx of Ancient Egypt might just make these planter risers the conversation piece of your next backyard event. Available in statement colors of Gold, Butterscotch, Silver, Bronze, Copper, and Black, the pot feet will add interest to any planter, used indoors or out. But don't forget the practical aspect, as these plant pot feet promote air flow and help prevent the planter from staining your deck, and deter ants and mosquitos from establishing a colony or hiding space under your plant.

Crafted from solid, impact-resistant, outdoor-safe plastic, these planter risers will not deteriorate or warp – making them a durable, long-term solution for your gardening needs.

Each riser weights 2.7 oz due to it's solid construction.

Overall dimensions are 3.5 inches long with a 1-inch "bed" for the planter to rest on. The risers lift the planter 1.15 inches off the ground.

Recommended for mid-sized planters with a base diameter of 6 inches - 14 inches.

Sold in Sets of 3 or Sets of 4:

* Sets of 3 Pot Feet. Each quantity ordered is for 3 feet, i.e. Qty 2 is for 6 feet total.
* Sets of 4 Pot Feet. Each quantity ordered is for 4 feet, i.e. Qty 2 is for 8 feet total.

Won't deteriorate or warp when exposed to the sun, rain and cold. Quality Materials Resistant to chemicals, impacts, and shattering. Non-toxic, BPA-free, and 100% recyclable.

Plants and planters not included and only shown as examples. Designed and made-to-order exclusively by GLU3DPrints in Plano, Texas.

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