Materials and Colors

All of our products are made of high quality PETG plastic - a versatile and eco-friendly material that provides a beautiful and durable home for your plants. PETG is also outdoor safe and UV resistant, meaning it can withstand harsh weather conditions and resist fading.

Color Options

One of the most exciting features of our products is the variety and vibrancy of the colors we offer. You can choose from a multitude of colors and finishes.

  • Matte Black

    Matte Black, low shine.

  • Matte White

    Matte White, low shine.

  • Matte Red

    Matte Red, low shine

  • Matte Blue

    Matte Blue, low shine.

  • Matte Olive Green

    Matte Olive Green, low shine

  • Glossy Black

    Darkest black with high gloss.

  • Cloudy White

    Semi-transparent white with high gloss.

  • Transparent

    Nearly crystal-clear with high gloss.

  • Marble

    Lightest gray with dark specks and low gloss.

  • Silver

    Dark Silver with medium gloss finish.

  • Bronze

    Bronze color with metallic gloss.

  • Metallic Green

    Dark Green with metallic shine.

  • Copper

    Copper with medium gloss finish.

  • Gold

    Muted Gold with medium gloss finish.

  • Dark Blue

    Dark Blue with slight metallic shine.

  • Chocolate

    Chocolate color reminiscent of dark chocolate bar with medium gloss finish.

  • Butterscotch

    Light brown color reminiscent of old-fashioned candy or dark mustard with a gloss finish.

  • Beige

    Beige color with high gloss finish.

  • Bone

    Bone (Natural, Ivory, or Off-White) with medium gloss finish.

  • Red

    Bright Red with medium gloss finish.

  • Pink

    Light Pink with high shine gloss finish.

  • Orange

    Bright Orange with high shine gloss finish.

  • Dark Yellow

    Dark Yellow with high shine gloss finish.

  • Dark Green

    Dark Green color with a hint of blue. High shine gloss finish.

  • Pastel Green

    Pastel Green with hint of yellow and high gloss finish.

  • Lime Green

    Bright Lime with high gloss.

  • Mint Green

    Mint Green with high shine gloss finish.

  • Grey Blue

    Grey Blue with high shine gloss finish.

  • Peacock Blue

    Peacock Blue, a bright and vibrant color with high shine gloss finish.

  • Light Purple

    Light Purple with high shine gloss finish.

  • Deep Purple

    Deep Violet high shine and gloss finish.