Our Story

GLU3DPrints was born out of Yulia and Mike's love of plants and gardening, creative ideas, and cutting-edge technology. Yulia worked as an accountant before becoming a stay-at-home mom and developed an interest in houseplants and succulents. Mike's early background is in art and design and his hobbies ranged from miniature painting to board gaming to bonsai, all while working as an internet developer. These interests led Mike to 3D printing.

After years of printing gaming models, plant and bonsai pots, and other crafty things, Yulia and Mike decided to turn his hobby into a full-time business with "all things plants" being the perfect starting point. GLU3DPrints was born.

GLU3DPrints designs and manufactures quality 3D printed products via additive manufacturing technologies. We offer both pre-printed products and personalized or customized items. Every item that leaves our shop receives the highest regard for quality and detail.

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